Everyone knows that in sales, it’s a numbers game.  The more prospects that you can work with, the better the chances of selling that airplane are going to be.  The Internet is the #1 source for buyers researching the purchase of airplanes, are they finding you?

My experience in automotive sales and marketing, brings a new level of thought on how to convert a prospect into a client.  Whether you are selling the recreational type of airplane, or the corporate jet, developing an interest in the product you are selling is more important than ever.  The Internet has created a competition that typically means a lower gross on the sale.  However, that is until you develop a system that gets the buyer qualified and committed to purchasing from you. 

Not many aviation sales offices know how to work the marketing into the sales formula, but developing these concepts work efficiently and are not hard to use.  Are you maximizing the Internet sales to the potential available, or are you finding that you are grinding out the deals as more price buyers compare airplanes more easily on-line?  You will be surprised by how much easier it is to sell airplanes when you are proactive and have the edge that takes the prospect to client.

If you are buying/selling/brokering airplanes, it pays to think outside of the box and crush your competition.  For a  FREE 1 hour consultation to see if your web site is optimize, and ways of increasing revenue and clients, please fill out the request for more information.  What is the risk?  Absolutely nothing.  The question is – are you in business to play around with airplanes, or are you serious about selling as many as you can with maximum profitability? 

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