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Trials and Tribulations of the Eclipse 500 Jet

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From the initial concept of an affordable, easy to fly jet, that would be priced at the most amazing price, the project was doomed to fail based on the reality of development. Although I enjoyed the optimism and hope for the airplane, the company was trying to do too much, while maintaining a certain arrogance that eventually led to the downfall of the original company. In contrast to William P. Lear of the original Learjet, he brought a solid background of experience, and was able to produce a corporate jet that would forever change corporate aviation. Read More

The way I remember it – experiences at an airport

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Back in the late 70’s, I would spend my weekends at the local airport, which at the time was Skyhaven Airport, later changed to Great Planes Airport, to Lincoln County airport today. Nonetheless, it was a great place to spend time at, because general aviation was in full swing, with a lot of activity and great character. Read More

What is the real value of an airplane?

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Years ago at the age of 15, I knew that airplanes were expensive, because a new single engine 4 place airplane, cost about the same we paid for a 3 bedroom house. As years have gone on, it seems that airplanes and aviation have become more expensive relative to other forms of entertainment. Read More

Remembering your first solo flight

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As pilots, we always have certain memories about flying, but one that almost all of us never forget, is that first solo flight. I remember mine like it was yesterday, a cold overcast January day in a Grumman Trainer, a memory I will always carry with me the rest of my life. Read More

A Marketing Tale

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 Who wants to spend money on marketing? It is a necessary expense of doing business, but Aviation is one segment in business that doesn’t spend a lot on marketing. The perception is that it is expensive, and really doesn’t draw the amount of business, that is spent attracting a customer. What we have to realize, is that your marketing budget can grow and expand your business, even in a turbulent economy. Read More

Spending money on marketing – does it really work?

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When I ask a small business owner in the Aviation Business, what is their marketing budget, often I get an honest confession. That confession is usually a yellow pages advertisement, and then the rest of the explanation is about why marketing doesn’t work. For those who don’t believe in marketing, you need to read the story of Harley Davidson…the motorcycle company. Read More

Aviation fuel and technology – 100LL and engines

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There is a lot of talk about the demise of 100LL, and the impact it will have on General Aviation. No doubt there will be a few changes needed, but overall, I think necessity is the mother of invention, and technology will be developed that works. Read More

Less Expensive Flying – Something about flying clubs

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 Airplane ownership really doesn’t cost as much as everyone would believe. While doing a search on-line for Cessna 150’s, there are many that are available in the mid $20,000 and less. Not even what the average new car sells for, it represents an inexpensive entry into owning and flying an airplane. All things considered, a Cessna 150 should be able to be flown for approximately $50 per flight hour, if you control your expenses. Read More

Thoughts on the General Aviation Aircraft Market

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Currently I am trying to sell a 1964 Beechcraft S35 model Bonanza.  This is the classic V-tail signature Bonanza, and is the first Bonanza to have the Continental IO-520 series engine installed.  The airplane is in great shape, and overall, the airframe hours are low for the vintage, with less than 3,500 hours which averages 54 flight hours per year. Read More

The Future of General Aviation

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Overall, I am bullish on the future of General Aviation, especially having spent 21 years making a career in the industry. I think there are challenges ahead, probably the 100LL fuel issue, but there always seems to be innovation that will solve these problems. Read More