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I never met an airplane I didn’t like!

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This is easy to write about, as I just love airplanes and I haven’t met one yet that I didn’t like…well, there was one. If you would like more detailed information, please ask and I will get my memory working and get back to you. When I think about all the airplanes I have logged PIC time in, I compiled a quick list: Read More

An electric airplane is in your future!

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Recently I was having lunch with a friend of mine who was commenting on the cost of airplane ownership. He has owned airplanes for the last 35 years, and he spoke to me about how expensive General Aviation has been getting to be, especially in the last ten years. From his perspective, it is everything from engine work, to the propeller overhaul and the Airworthiness Directives that are seemingly being issued all of the time. I had no answers, other than aviation has always seemed to cost a lot of money, and there really wasn?t any alternative that could satisfy this recreational flyer other than step up to the table. Read More

Why are airplanes so expensive?

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Have you ever stopped and looked at a single engine airplane, and wondered why it costs $400,000 to buy an airplane, when an engine perhaps prices out at $35,000, the avionics and instruments around $30,000, and the aluminum to build an airplane for a little more than $10,000? I know there are certification costs, product liability costs, development and tooling costs, and the cost for manufacture, but at times it is hard to figure out how you can stuff that much money into a small single engine airplane. The answer is obviously an efficient way to produce an airplane, considering how many new Beechcraft A36 Bonanza’s are built per year (about 50), it is hard to efficiently build an airplane and make money while doing so. Read More

The Perils of the airplane market

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For the past two years, I have been watching the airplane market for stability, as demand for airplanes has been off. This lack of buyers in the market, has meant that the owner of an airplane, has to either discount to sell, or continue to hang on until the market returns. The problem with airplane ownership, is that in contrast to owning a car/truck, you have to pay money to store the airplane, it takes money to keep the static check current, as well as the yearly annual. Try selling an airplane that is not airworthy, and you will find it would have been cheaper to pay for another annual inspection. Read More

What it takes to be a Flight Instructor

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One of the most exciting accomplishments that I have ever done, was to be a flight instructor. In the 1,500 hours of instruction time given, the fun and seeing the final outcome of a safe and successful event, puts the time of building flight time, one of the most enjoyable of all. I would have never left the flight instruction field, if it just paid enough to make a living…which is the biggest downfall of the system. Read More

Supply and Demand ? The answer to ALL market forces

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Something probably misunderstood, but certainly not taught enough in the college curriculum, the supply and demand is how all things work regarding the market. This is what currently is happening in the new and used airplane market, and that is the supply of airplanes exceeds the demand for the airplane. The market therefore is going through a correction, this process is why the price of that airplane you have been looking at keeps getting more and more enticing. Read More