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What is happening at Hawker Beechcraft?

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An airline pilot friend of mine, who has always been a Beechcraft fan, was asking me what was going on with General Aviation at home, and was there anything new to talk about. He has been considering purchasing an airplane, something along the lines of a Bellanca Citabria or Decathlon. He also had been looking at a few Grumman Tigers for sale, the AA5B which he knew I would give him a hard time about, and one other airplane, the Mooney M20J or 201. Read More

Does flight instructor pay factor in the number of pilots getting their license?

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Recently there has been a lot of discussion, regarding the student start to the private pilot certificate ratio. AOPA has been the most pro-active in helping flight schools identify problem areas, and a better understanding of who our customers are. Thank you AOPA, this is right up my alley! You may want to listen to the comments by Jennifer Storm from the recent AOPA expo: Read More

Selling an airplane – what the market feels like

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I recently sold a Beechcraft S-35 Bonanza…it was a tough sale.  The problems with the airplane, was the fact that it had not been flown much and was outdated in several areas.  The owner had the airplane on the market for over a year and a half, mainly because it wasn’t priced to the market.  I think that is one key area that sellers do not understand, and that is all “book values” are irrelevant because the airplane would not sell to the average retail price.  Read More