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The Franchise Flight School, is it the answer to General Aviation?

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I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, about certain elements of General Aviation and business, about better ways to conduct business and grow the opportunities in Aviation. As I pondered the areas of weakness, I wondered what could be done to make the network for independent flight school operators more profitable. How about a road map to success, with step by step instructions? Perhaps sometime in the near future this concept will come into the business model, because often when I get these ideas and thoughts, it isn?t long until someone is actually doing what I am thinking about. Read More

Aviation Biz ? Getting creative part DUEX

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There are ways of creating more business, and that is probably most exemplified by the out of box thinking, not dealing with the definition of insanity?you know, trying the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Too often business just keeps going on with the same plan, or comes up with a cute web site that really doesn?t sell anything, because a web site isn?t just a brochure, it has to be enticing to the prospect enough for them to want to contact you. Read More

The Aviation Biz – Charter Solutions

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As I work with small aviation business, I find the distinct trend of ?there isn?t a lot of new business out there? as a typical response. My question is always, ?what are you doing to attract business?. Want to see a blank stare? The response is often very similar, and it bothers me to see people involved with aviation, that don?t view their business as a way to maximize the profitability of their business. Read More

Doing Business in Aviation

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Rod Beck did it to me again! Every time he posts a comment, I get to thinking about the business of aviation, and how we need to improve our customer relationships. For the most part, if you own a business on the airfield, your customers are the people you need to get to know so that you are in a position to provide service to meet their needs, beyond just pumping fuel. Read More

Airplane design, development, and manufacturing.

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I was having a conversation with a person who has interest in purchasing a jet, current airplane is a King Air. He happens to be in the automotive business, and was telling me about how he was excited about the Eclipse 500, lost interest as the airplane kept experiencing delays, and how he had wondered about the Honda Jet. He didn’t know what happened to it, he hadn’t heard much about the airplane, other than he kept seeing the advertising for the airplane.  Why are they still advertising the airplane, when delivery dates are uncertain at this time? Read More

Earn more customers…simple fundamental practices

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I want to thank Rod Beck, for reminding me of the simple fundamentals in building a profitable aviation business.

Question: Who is the most important contact person at your business?

Answer: The person handling the phones!

One of my pet peeves in the flight school business, is the number of candidates that call in and inquire about flight instruction, and we never find out who they are. Our assumption is, if they don’t initiate a visit that afternoon to your flight school, that they must not really have been interested in learning how to fly, no biggie! I have personally witnessed a flight school that receives 5 phone calls per day, requesting information about flight training, and they enroll about 1 new student per week. Do the math, if you have 25 interested people, and you only enroll 1, where are the 24 you missed? Read More

Basics of Internet Web Marketing

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Developing a good web page is a great idea, and most business has a web site that gives information about that business.  The secret is two fold, and that is driving traffic to your site in a cost effective manner, and the second part, and it is just as difficult, is to get the prospect to contact you. Read More