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Branding a business, and what it means financially in the long run.

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It has been a while since I lasted posted a comment, but rounding up new business takes time, research, and I owe some accountability to the NOW.  However, I am finding out that most of the small aviation business companies, are operating on a shoestring budget, without any long term business plans in place.  Finding new business consists of waiting for the next person to show up at the door…no wonder there isn’t a lot of excitement in doing business in aviation. Read More

Basic Web Site Design Principles

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I recently was working on a project to offer a new web design and consulting to a flight school, and one of the first items of business, is to discover who the competition is. My first order of business, is to quickly run a ?unique visitor? analytics and see what the last 12 month trend and hit total has been. Read More

The Aviation Customer ? Just the way I see it

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The past 30 days have been interesting, as I have been putting my thoughts together with another individual Rod Beck, who has extensive business and aviation experience. It is very seldom that the two of us get on the phone, and are able to have less than a 1 hour conversation about the Business of Aviation. Read More

Why people buy, is it always about price?

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I spent the better time of an afternoon trying to put thoughts onto ?paper? regarding this subject, but found that I really didn?t have a good way to explain the title. It has been my experience, in the automotive sales world of working with salespeople, that over time the customer wears them out, and it is mainly due to thinking everything is based on price. The thought is, if we can?t get to the price the customer is thinking they can purchase the vehicle for, it is that thought that stops the sale when in reality, people buy from someone for two reasons ? they like them and they trust them. Read More

The Grumman American Trainer, a flight school alternative.

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The Grumman American Trainer was the first airplane that really got me excited about flying, as the sliding canopy, small wings, and sporty looks of the airplane was something different. At the time, the Cessna 150 was the king of flight training airplanes, along with the Cherokee 140’s and the Beech Sport trainer. Between the Piper Cherokee 140’s and the Beech Sport, neither one of these did much for me, but I always respected the Cessna 150 as one of the best training airplanes available. Read More