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Aviation is a unique business, in that it has limited demand, yet it is a global market. It has been a tough few years, as the real barometer to the economy is simple read by how well is general aviation been doing. The consensus is that the aviation market has bottomed out, and that seems true in the used airplane business, as the prices have dropped to a level that has more buyers picking up these bargain airplanes and doing something with them. Read More

General Aviation and a total disregard for common business practices.

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We have all heard about this saying before, and laughed at it and knew there was some truth in it, but you don’t really understand how true it is until you try to work a business in aviation. That saying of course is ?want to make a million in aviation, start with at least two million?, and from what I can see, there is some truth to it, but mainly because of what we are doing in aviation. Read More

The Aviation Cultural Problem – Who is our best customer?

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I have been waiting a while to post this note, but the problem of where to start always kept me from making the post. As I continue to learn more about the aviation business, I realize we have a lot of problems in this industry, and it is not necessarily the product, it is how we package the product! Our industry has always had its challenges, but for the most part, we arrived here because of our lack of continuity. Read More

What is really going on at Piper Aircraft?

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Not too long ago, Piper Aircraft severed its ties to the LSA manufacturer Czech Sport Aircraft, the reasons not very clear. The statement from Piper is that they have had a differing opinion on how best to distribute the airplane, but that is speculation. Nonetheless, from the perspective of both companies, it represents a losing situation for both of the companies, and I can’t believe they couldn’t work out their differences. Read More