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On Long Final, with BOTH engines feathered!

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Recently I was going through a contacts file, and reading over the same notes about each business that related to aviation, and there seems to be a common theme.  Aviation has a draw of very passionate people regarding flight, and my question is that why are they not as equally passionate about profit?  Read More

With nice weather…brings flying!

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As the weather has been improving and melting the snow in the area, I see more activity at the airport, which is always a good feeling. The cold days of gray skies, snow, and IFR on a daily basis, soon will give way to warmer weather, clear skies, and great flying weather….good riddance to winter! Read More

Garmin G1000 Electronic Stability Control – It will improve GA safety!

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A while back I read an article about the Garmin ESP or electronic stability control that had been FAA approved for the Cirrus SR22. I found it an interesting technology that will help general aviation, and it is going to be installed in an airplane that has a safety record that shows a need for aircraft control in some situations. I want to make myself understood that I don’t think the SR22 is any more dangerous than any other high performance airplane, the comparison to the A36 safety record shows they both have a higher than average fatality rate, but the Cirrus has always been a technology leader, so this should be an interesting study down the line. Read More

The Light Sport Training Option – Flight Schools take note!

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As a current flight instructor, who received the ratings back in the late 80?s, I have to admit that I am not that familiar with the LSA and light sport certification.  Although I could teach light sport pilots, it is something that I haven?t had much exposure to, and that I always considered a sideling to the aviation business.  Recently, I have changed my views about the light sport certificate, because it offers a unique opportunity to most flight schools. Read More