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The Hawker Beech King of the Air!

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This weekend I spent some time reflecting on the Hawker Beech King Air series of airplanes, based on an e-mail I had requesting more information about these airplanes. I found myself raving about the flight characteristics, and some of the great benefits that King Air owners and passengers enjoy the most about the airplane. I have had more than once, someone that has just stepped out of a Learjet or Citation, get in the King Air, and remarked about how the airplane is so comfortable?it is THEIR favorite airplane. Read More

Using a GA airplane for business – The Malibu Mirage

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Since the weather has now changed to spring, I spent some time reflecting on how much more enjoyable the flying business is when the weather is good. After another long winter?and they seem longer the older I get, I was happy to know I could fly somewhere and not have to put the airplane in the hanger, or constantly add extra fuel for an alternate. Spending the day reviewing some of the favorite flights, I remembered when I used to fly back and forth from Sioux Falls SD (FSD), and Ft. Myeres FL (FMY) in a Piper Malibu Mirage.

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How the Internet has changed our shopping habits

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Establishing the market price in the used airplane market, has never been easier.  The problem with so many airplanes that are currently on the market, is that they are not necessarily priced in a way that will sell the airplane.  There is the old formula that used to work prior to the advent of the Internet, and that was what the airplane was purchased for, what equipment/upgrades were added, and current airworthiness.  From there, the airplane would be considered based on a days drive/flight to view the airplane, review the logs, and negotiate the price on the ramp, and the deal was done.

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Are flight schools a way to make big money in aviation?

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Owning and operating a flight school has its own unique challenges, from the flexibility of weather and scheduling flight training, to the liability of operations in the flight training environment. Add in very thin profit margins, and you have to understand what drives this business is the passion for flight training. That being the case, it is too bad more flight schools don’t see the business and profitable opportunities that are available FROM the flight school. Read More

Airplane Values ? timing is everything

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Still looking at purchasing a pre-owned airplane and think you missed the bargains?think again! Read More

Aviation ? The barometer of the economy

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It must have been 20 years ago that my interest in aviation business was something that I thought about 15 hours per day. One concept that I always remembered, was how the aviation business really is a key index in the economic state of affairs in the United States. You could look at aircraft deliveries and the trend in general aviation singles, to figure out what the true economy was doing….even without all the Feds Charts! Read More