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Beechcraft V35B ? If you don’t like this fantastic airplane, Hmmmmm, something might be wrong with you!

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A few weeks ago, I was at a resort location just watching a few of the boats pass through the canal that separates the two lakes from each other. The airport was about a mile away from my location, so when I heard an airplane approaching from the crystal blue sky to the east, I knew it sounded like a big-bore Continental engine. I was expecting a Cirrus to fly over, as at this airport, there are several owners who bring in their SR-22 for the weekend, but when I finally spotted the airplane, I knew it was the distinctive look of a V-Tailed Bonanaza streaking over the sky…and it appeared to be going so fast so effortlessly, I knew it was still the King of single engine airplanes! Read More

Aviation and Airplanes ? Some ideas on Marketing and Sales

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I recently went on vacation to Kansas City for a few days, and as my girlfriend isn’t one to take it easy, my days were filled with travel and many visits for entertainment. Along the way, I stopped and took a look at flight schools in the area…and yes, the airplanes were on the ramp, but nothing was going on although the weather was beautiful. I didn’t really ask any question, I was an observer watching the dullness of the day with very little activity and wondered how Harley Davidson has done such a great job with the HOG organization and how it relates to their business? Read More

Strategic Marketing and how it benefits your business.

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There is the thought out there, that most people in the aviation business, aren’t really in the business to make money, but to enjoy their passion. I am one of those that disagrees with that statement, because it isn’t any fun to put in long days working in this business, not to enjoy a financial reward for all the effort. However, when trying to introduce a few ideas/concepts to be a more profitable operation, I get the cold shoulder like ?we don’t need to do that, people know who we are?. I thought perhaps it was some of the ideas of actually getting customers to your door was off the wall, but in reality anything would be better than nothing! Read More

Flight Instructors – Are they the real problem to the pilot population?

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There has been a lot of talk about the number of pilots numbers that have been dwindling for years now, and the concern is with fewer pilots, become fewer privileges to be a pilot. Once there are too few pilots, the strength in numbers argument is applied, and regulations become more onerous, while the cost of flying skyrockets, and airports dry up. A very vicious circle indeed! AOPA is working to get the number of student pilots that start flying to complete their certification, but the problem isn’t the procedure, the problem is truly in the process! Read More

If I were the President! What I would do at Hawker Beechcraft.

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Funny line, but the reality would more likely be, if I was the CEO of Hawker Beechcraft, what would I do? All I know is it would have to be the ?funnest? job in the world, because I think Hawker Beech is due for a major makeover of its products…something Hawker Beech isn’t used to doing. I say that because Hawker Beech has lived off older designed airplanes for many years…the Bonanza A36, Baron 58, Beechjet 400, King Air’s, and the Hawker 800/850/900 series…all legacy designs. Read More

Aircraft Piston Engines ? time for some new technology?

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Recently I was at the airport, and spotted a brochure titled ?Tips on Engine Care? by Teledyne Continental Motors.  Since I like the Continental engines in Beechcraft Bonanza?s, I thought it would be interesting reading.  Two things really stood out while reading the treatment and care of piston aircraft engines, and that is the aircraft engine is certainly a different animal from an automotive engine, and they are terribly outdated w/technology. Read More