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Are we really just wanting to play in the sandbox?

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I had a flight scheduled on a Sunday, and picked up the latest issue of Flying Magazine for August 2011 as reading material if I had a wait on the ground before returning.  As I read the ?Flying News & Notes ? Going Direct? by the editor Robert Goyer on page 8, I smiled and told myself at least there is a reality for identifying the weakness of our aviation business.  The article suggested some quotes from Jerry Gregoire about how we have a poor record of student starts vs. student completions, and retaining pilots, the quote from Aviation Business entities is ?Everything is fine, we are doing a good job?, those are my own words, you can read the article yourself.  I believe we are our own worse enemy with regards to aviation business, in that we want to share the enjoyment of our passion in aviation, but have forgot that this is a business in which numbers matter, and we need to do a much better job for the long term promotion and stability of aviation. Read More

Its getting close to Oshkosh time again!

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It is Sunday afternoon and warm outside, and I am trying to put together plans for Airventure Oshkosh again this year. As this is the worlds largest airshow and aviation event, it is a must see for anyone who has ever enjoyed airplanes, this place has EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING that flies! It is an event that grew out of the Experimental Aircraft Association EAA which was all about homebuilt airplane builders getting together, to adding an airshow that has become one of the premium events in aviation. Read More

Aviation Marketing ? Where and who are we marketing to?

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Yes, the purchase of a new airplane is expensive, and for most people, it really doesn?t provide the cost benefit for the acquisition price.  Someone has to ask that question, as most of the aircraft manufacturer?s seem to market to the pilot who wants to get away as a recreational flyer, and not the business pilot. I know this is kind of tough to take, but I really think the aviation market needs to start to focus on the prospect who can really benefit from the airplane.  This is no way squeezes out the recreational pilot, it just approaches the business pilot in discovering their need and use of a small private airplane for the continuance of their business. Read More

Mid-Air collision risks ? How a traffic avoidance system may have saved my life TWICE!

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I once had a student pilot who was deathly afraid of flying in a small single engine airplane, mainly due to the fear of an engine failure which would lead to a fatal accident. My response was that with proper maintenance and fresh fuel…and enough quantity, we won’t ever have to worry about an engine failure, what we really need to keep our eyes on is having a mid-air collision, which was much more dangerous. I don’t know if the student felt any more secure, but over the years, it has been my experience that engine failures were less frequent than the ?looking for traffic, no joy? while searching for a conflict. Read More