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FBO?s and Airport Services?.essential to Aviation?

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I recently received a funny e-mail, regarding the need and demand for general aviation.  It was funny, because aviation business has this lure of being glorious and quite profitable, it has too?.just look at the price of everything!  However, the truth is aviation is a niche industry that doesn?t have the same demand as the automotive industry, or the iPhone business so you have to be much more careful operating an aviation business.  Although most believe they are doing what they are passionate about, you will find that aviation has a lot of cycles.  When the economy is rolling and expanding, aviation has a potential of good profitability.  If the economy isn?t growing, aviation has a tough market rule of eliminating the weaker segments doing business. Read More

General Aviation Economy of Scale

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 In my travels, I visit a lot of airports that are in competition with the main airport for a city. Most of these ?reliever? airports have a lot of convenience, but in some cases, due to a short term solution or poor airport management, seem to not be able to provide the services that most of the corporate world demands today. As I write this, I am sitting in the lobby of the Detroit City airport (DET), which is the closest and most convenient airport to downtown Detroit, yet doesn’t have a third of the corporate traffic that goes into DTW or Wayne County. Read More

What…Another Pilot shortage!

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I was on a recent trip overnight, so I took a few magazines with me to the hotel that I needed to finish reading.  I came across an article regarding a future pilot shortage, and how we need to get training the next generation of pilots…or what, we will have to ground the airlines until we can find enough pilots to fly?  After living through the ?supply and demand? cycle of pilots several times, I can assure you with a high probability of success, that there will be plenty of domestic pilots available to fill the ?pilot shortage?, which in reality, will only be a shortage of growing economies inIndiaandChina. Read More