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A Short History of General Aviation FBO?s and the Aviation Client

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I was recently speaking with Rod Beck?probably one of the finest Business Aviation Analyst in developing a quick conclusion as to what is going on with a airport and the FBO manager.  Truly, there are a few critical items that need to be in place for an airport and FBO to attract business and operate in a profitable way.  It seems all too often, the ?Ready-Shoot-Aim? philosophy is the script of the day when it comes to developing an airport.  Developing an airport with the proper runway length, instrument approach, and is there a real purpose for the airport, are all critical questions that need to be studied before everyone on the airport board is looking at each other wondering why this project didn?t work. Read More

General Aviation Business Use Aircraft

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There has been a lot of talk about airplanes and how they are a perk for the few, especially the way corporate aviation has been reported by the various media outlets. However, they don?t understand the true benefits of operating a corporate airplane, and how it makes a company more competitive and able to compete in the marketplace, resulting in better company growth and more employment opportunities. I would say that my experience is relatively representative of how most corporate operators use their airplane, and in the business in which I fly and work for, the airplane has became an indispensable tool. Read More