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I spent one Sunday afternoon looking on-line at various aviation sites, sort of the ?Janes All the Worlds Aircraft? Internet search, just looking at all the various designs of airplanes through the years.  It is my contention that the single engine segment of general aviation airplanes, will have to incorporate innovation and performance for the price to drive new sales.  The days of the same old ?yawners? that are being purchased with the same features and performance of an airplane built 25 years ago, at a price that makes you want to ask what I am buying for the price of new, in contrast to refurbishing the old airplane at half the price or less.  There just isn?t a lot of excitement in the new models, with the exception of the avionics and glass panel available, but these are easy upgrades that make sense. Read More

Airplane Financing ? The secret to stimulating sales?

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Recently I was going over some scenarios with regard to light general aviation airplanes, and what I would do given a open checkbook and developing a profitable aviation business….and it had to be in the single engine market. Personally, I think because there hasn’t been enough development and innovation, that this would be the way to really find a niche and exploit an area of aviation that hasn’t been approached yet. I think styling is important, as I still think the V-35B Bonanza is still one of the best looking airplanes on the ramp, with its distinctive V tail and it still exudes speed and comfort while parked. Read More

Aviation Business ? have we always done it this way?

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I recently took the afternoon off, and decided to make a quick trip out to the airport to see what activity could be going on. I have been considering the purchase of a Diamond DA20-C1 as an addition to the flight school, and I wanted to see how well they were doing, and I wanted to get a first hand interview with a student pilot…if I could find one. See, I have this thing for offering a product/service that meets and beats expectations, at a price that is reasonable. In the free market, we all have choices, I would like to offer a fun and exciting airplane that can be used in training, with something unique in the proposition and saleability of the airplane. Read More

How to sell your airplane in 90 days or less

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Lets admit it, the market for selling an airplane has been anything but good for the seller in the past 18 months?that is only good news for a buyer who is looking for a great airplane for the money. The past six months has been interesting, since I still see airplanes still on the market, still for sale, still as an expense to the owner. Interesting, most make the claim that if they can?t get their price, they will just hang on to the airplane. Is this really want you want to do? Lets see, insurance $1,500 per year, annual inspection $1,700, tie down/hanger $150/month, and if there is a problem at annual?can you say lots of these $$$$$! Read More

Avionics Technology – does it lead to pilots forgetting how to fly the airplane?

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I recently read an article by J. Mac McClellan in the November 2011 issue of Sport Aviation, regarding the title Autopilots Are Not Automatic. It is a story about a fatal flight in a Cirrus SR22, whereby the pilot departed an airport IFR with ceilings around 300 feet, and appears to have put too much reliance on the Autopilot to fly the airplane. There are a few interesting observations regarding the sequence of events, such as the autopilot being engaged at just 61 feet above the runway, and the extreme pitch and bank angles encountered prior to the airplane crash. Was too much time spent trying to re-program the autopilot, or was the pitch/bank attitudes too much for the pilot to recover?  Read More

Starting a Successful Flight School

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So you are thinking about starting a business, and have decided that since the current flight school is on the downhill slide, you would like to start a flight school or purchase the current flight school.  You have some capital available, and since you have your pilots license and have made numerous contacts with the flying ?gang?, you think this venture has some true potential.  What are the chances that you will be able to develop the flight school into a first class operation, and grow the flight school to be a an industry leader in flight training?  That may not be the question you are asking, but it is the reality you need to be asking! Read More