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Private Aviation ? demand and a lack of product innovation.

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As I was reading the January 2012 issue of AOPA Pilot, I couldn’t believe the article I was reading ?FBO Freebies ? mooching your way across the USA?.  Not to hack on the author Alton K. Marsh, but what a bunch of rot-gut type stories we fill an aviation magazine with anymore, when there are thousands of other INTERESTING subjects available.  However, this is the state of our industry, and shows to me that we don’t understand that aviation should be sold to those who can afford the product, and not so much a filler for a magazine that tells us how bad of condition aviation exists. Read More


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Flight school – ?been there ? done that?!

Like the old saying goes: there’s no substitute for experience?. And when it comes to the business of a flight school, this was never truer. I’ll turn the clock back to the fall of 1966 when I was a young “hot shot” CFI and saw a business opportunity at the then Caldwell (CDW) Wright Airport in Fairfield, N.J for an “another” flight school of sorts. Read More

Why you need an Aviation Consultant ? Make your enterprise profitable!

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It never ceases to amaze me how business in Aviation is so much different from a business away from aviation.  Most entrepreneurs who own a small business have a business plan that includes a process, strategy, and has growth as a primary reason to be in business.  Aviation on the other hand, has total disregard for these concepts and in my opinion, is the reason so many of these enterprises fail.  Not only do they fail, but because of the shortsighted objectives, it is costing us a lot of pilot starts, pilot licensing, and the overall health of our industry. Read More

One of General Aviation?s biggest problem ? Business!

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There is an element to the general aviation business that needs to be addressed, and that is the flight school operator and independent FBO operator need to understand that aviation is a business first.  Aviation seems to attract the purchaser that is emotionally tied up with the passion and excitement, without a real legitimate business opportunity available.  All too often, there is a lack of understanding about market demand and the reality of how much product can be sold, which leads to the business either being sold to another individual who isn?t familiar with aviation business, or the business fails. Read More