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A visit to the Cosmosphere Space Museum in Kansas

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How do I start writing about a museum on early space travel and the Gemini/Mercury program?  How about talking about motorcycles first!

I have owned 29 motorcycles, and probably am not far from #30 after a recent trip to Kansas by motorcycle.  For those who don?t have an interest in motorcycles, to some of us they are similar to flying, because out on the open road it is just you and your motorcycle, similar to being in the air when it is just you and the airplane.  In contrast to a car, a motorcycle leaves you in the elements which also puts you out there in the same way an airplane does, and that is it is going to affect your riding/flying in some way or another.  So here goes. Read More

Piston engine airplane design – here is what is really needed!

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I recently wrote about how investment in general aviation airplanes, specifically single engine airplanes has been ?interesting?.  Why interesting is that we are spending money to develop an impractical airplane, when in reality, we should be investing in development of manufacturing techniques that provide a better more reliable airplane, and at a lower cost.  Single engine airplanes need a boost in excitement and performance, while offering true reliability gains that make airplane ownership more affordable and easier to maintain. Read More

Single engine piston airplanes and technology…something missing here?

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I believe the largest problem the general aviation industry has at this time, is the lack of investment and new technologies in airframe manufacturing and piston engines.  Why do I consider this the largest problem?  The fact is that most single engine piston airplanes built today, are based on technology, systems, and techniques that were developed during World War II.  This in turn, leaves us with an airplane that costs more money relative to inflation than they ever have, and there is no excitement of new products that are more efficient, are more affordable, and cost more to maintain and aren?t any safer.  Read More

The future of GA airports as we see it ? no one sees this coming!

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General Aviation airports are facing a difficult situation, regarding airport services and sustaining enough business to stay in business.  Without a flight school/FBO available to service the customer, the airport essentially will have so few users that the land will be more useful for other projects, and the airport disappears.  Why is this?  The problem is that the demand for a lot of small general aviation airports isn’t enough for an operator to stay in business, especially when the city wants to take over the fuel sales and compete with the service provider. Read More

General Aviation Business Aircraft ? A single engine airplane?

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There seems to be a lot of keyword searches done regarding the use of a small general aviation airplanes for business use.  I can document the number of times this search has been in the last 30 days, and it appears to be about 27% of the time.  This tells me that there are a lot of potential clients out there that are searching for information on what type of airplane can they purchase for expanding their business.  Most corporate operators with King Air turboprops and Learjets/Citation Jets/Falcon Jets, may have started with the small single engine airplane?and because they did, they are so successful that the corporate airplane is what established them as a strong player in the market! Read More