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Serious problems for General Aviation business – is anyone going to acknowledge this?

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There are some serious underlying problems in general aviation business, whether it is the light sport aircraft industry, or flight schools, and small FBO’s.  It seems that no one really wants to acknowledge these facts, and yet it is the VERY reason that GA is on a slippery slope downward.  As an aviation consultant and blog writer, I hate to be the hack that has to put these issues on the table, but neither AOPA, GAMA, or General Aviation industry “experts” want to admit that general aviation business is on track to defeat by our own doing. Read More

Does every city need an airport?

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I find it interesting when the county board gets together, to discuss the objectives for developing the airport into a self sustaining entity.  This discussion often takes place after the FAA money has been accepted, and the airport has been built…now the owner has to pay for maintaining the airport and tax payers – well they see the airport as something they are paying the “rich” to enjoy. Read More

The Beechcraft Super King Air B200 – Making modifications to a great airframe!

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After a few years of flying a 1997 King Air C90XPi, we have made the move to a 1990 Super King Air B200 with every modification available to this model airplane. Modifications include, a Garmin G1000 package w/synthetic vision and WAAS, including an integrated GFC 700 digital autopilot, Raisbeck Epic Gold pacakge (, BLR winglets, wing lockers, and Blackhawk PT-6 -61 engines.  The airplane does what a King Air is meant to do, plus after all the modifications, the airplane actually costs less per mile to operate than a stock King Air B200. Read More