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The high cost of flying – a discussion that has been going on for decades

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There has recently been a lot of posts and discussions regarding the future of aviation fuel for piston airplanes, and the cost of 100LL aviation fuel currently.  There are simple formulas that can be used to determine the cost of general aviation flying, based on taking the cost of fuel per hour for your airplane, and multiplying that cost by  two and you probably are in the ballpark figure.  I really believe that through the years that I have been in aviation, that the cost of flying is pretty consistent with the price of most other forms of entertainment, that I think it is time to stop complaining and enjoy aviation for what it is ? the most interesting and challenging activity that money can buy. Read More

Aviation Marketing – Why it works and why you should get into the game!

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Lets see, it starts with this, Early to rise, early to bed, work like hell and advertise!  This is what a lot of very successful business owners understand, because it leads to business that is growing and becoming more and more profitable as it feeds itself.  Although word of mouth advertising is the best method of getting new business, the facts are a good marketing strategy will grow your business fast than any other method available.  Although aviation still wants to believe that we don?t need to find customers, the truth is we are in a situation of serious contraction in the lower tier of this business, and it is costing us all! Read More

The LSA and General Aviation – Light Sport Airplane business solutions – aviation consulting

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The Light Sport Aircraft has been around for a while, and offers a very attractive opportunity to the industry to gain pilot population.  However, the LSA business hasn’t quite equaled the potential that it should have been experiencing, mainly due to the hit & miss approach to developing this gold mine of available business.  With over one hundred LSA manufacturers, only about twenty will survive the next three years, and there will only be room for about three or four major players in the end.  I am very bullish on the Light Sport aircraft, it needs direction and I am going to offer some suggestions, so keep reading. Read More

The FBO Business – written by Joseph Lynch

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The full title as submitted should be “What is a Fixed Base Operation?” that was written by Joseph Lynch.  Joseph had asked Rod and myself what the FBO business was about, the good/bad/ugly about starting or operating a fixed base operation.  Since this is something that he would like to be involved with in the future, the answer obviously is to outline the fact that aviation will eat your lunch faster than any other business, and you better know what the hell you are doing.  If you can’t satisfy the requirements for a lot of capital, and a lot of professional and proven business principles, you may as well take your hard cash and throw it into the BBQ pit, as at least you won’t have any money in the end, but without the stress involved with trying to figure this gig out. Read More