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How to sell your airplane quickly

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It is always interesting to see airplanes for sale, whether it is on, Trade-A-Plane,, or and watch for months as the airplane sits and never sells.  This is in my opinion a serious flaw in the sale of an airplane, as there are a few tips that will get your airplane sold quickly for the maximum amount of money.  Although some people would argue that it takes a year to sell an airplane, because by waiting you will get the most money for the airplane, this theory will cost you more money 90% of the time! Read More

General Aviation recreational flying – The future is bright!

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I found a quote recently that I found to be interesting, and it was from a Howard Hughes?our favorite recluse!  He made the statement about aviation, and it goes something like this, “There is plenty of money in aviation, I put it there!”  Although I am not sure if this is the exact quote, it has its own humor.  But seriously, how do we grow general aviation and make it a positive growth formula, that has many people who are interested in flying, but don’t necessarily need an airplane for business?  All it is going to take is for someone with a strategy for this business, instead of a hop-scotch approach to create awareness and sales of aircraft and flight training.  Read More

The Mooney Aircraft Corporate – A lesson in marketing and manufacturing

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I have always liked Mooney airplanes, because they were always known as fast efficient airplanes for the amount of horsepower.  Although they are a little compact and feel a little “tight” on the inside, once you get used to that feeling, they are actually roomy and quite comfortable.  I think the latest trouble with the Mooney aircraft corporation, was a lack of direction and forgetting what a Mooney airplane was about?and that was Mooney?s have always been known as the economy champ, and they lost that distinction toward the end of production. Read More

Why are airplanes and aviation so expensive?

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A good question to someone who has ever wondered why airplanes and aviation is so expensive, and the easy answer to this is the economy of scale for producing airplanes and aircraft parts.  There is a limited demand for new airplanes, therefore producing an airplane or parts to maintain an airplane, the cost per unit of production is much higher.  Normally you would see the engineering and tooling costs spread out over hundreds of thousands of parts, instead of just a thousand parts, and that cost has to be added into the cost of doing business.  Because of this limited scale of production, the cost per unit is higher based on man hours to produce, and that it takes more man hours to make each part. Read More