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The myth of aviation and that it is too expensive – Price Vs. Value! Aviation consulting

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More and more I read blogs and other information sources that contend that flying is too expensive, and that is why aviation is having such a difficult time business wise.  The truth is, aviation is undersold for value and we all have bought into the cost as being the main reason why.  The cost of flying isn’t the problem, it has always been expensive and is the same cost as it was in the 1970’s after adjusting for inflation using real GDP numbers…so what is the problem?  I think here are a few answers that truly identify the underlying reasons why! Read More

FLIGHT TRAINING – “A Means to an END”? By Rod Beck – Aviation consultant

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The article below is a quick assessment of what a flight school should ideally have as an objective.  It seems that most flight schools have one objective, and that is to bring up the quality of training at the lowest price available.  Although that is ok, the fact is most of these flight schools don’t stay in business very long.  In addition, the airplanes used are only getting worn out, ratty and tattered because the real business of the flight school should be motivated by profitability.  The flight school is often a loss leader to future business, and that is why the flight school owner has to consider where future business and profitability comes from. Read More

Starting a Flight School – No money down is for the car business! Aviation Consultant

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We have been receiving a lot of inquires lately, regarding starting a flight school.  What is interesting about most people wanting to get into the flight school business, is the lack of business capital available to get started in the flight school business.  Most are trying to identify with their own aviation experience of learning how to fly, they find that it was a frustrating experience, and therefore want to create a flight school business that will address these needs.  The problem with that approach, is that we continue a cycle of declining pilot certificates and flight schools that are still attempting to create a business model that has proven not to work.  This business model is no advertising, no execution of procedures to build a business, and a lack of identifying the client most available to create immediate income…and look where this has taken us – 80% + washout rates for student pilot applicants! Read More

A Profitable Flight School – How an aviation consultant can point you in the right direction

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Here are the facts – 80% of pilot start-ups never complete their pilot training, which tells us that aviation needs to dial this in and start retaining these students.  Sure, the washout rate is going to be a part of the business, yet I find most flight schools use excuses like the flight instructor isn’t professional and the student quit flying.  While there may be some validity to that cause, the truth is that is what management is for, to correct these habits…DUH!  The truth is this – it isn’t the money that is the reason for people not finishing their flight training, and it shouldn’t be the professionalism issue that causes the drop-out. The problem is the lack of fundamental business practices and is the prime reason this industry is on the downhill slope and picking up speed! Read More

The Future of Flight Schools and Aviation Business – The Interview with an aviation consultant.

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For about 21 months now, Rod Beck and myself have been “collaborating” on General Aviation; the many issues and problems it now faces.

We recently came up with the idea of a mock interview between a “news reporter”, with Rod and myself as the ”experts”on General Aviation business matters.  Here’s the content of that interview.  Read More