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Could this be a fix for the declining pilot population – A flight school that is a franchise!

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As private pilot certificates continue to decline in numbers this year, I often wonder if we are going to get serious about turning this trend around?  As I look at the statistics from AOPA, and see the washout rate of student pilot starts, compared to the number of students finishing the private pilot certification, the truth is the problem isn’t with the flight instructors, its the management of the flight school that is the problem.  The way to fix this, is a market brand for flight schools that help outsiders identify quality flight instruction, along with the school offering an airplane worthy of the cost per flight hour, with actual published results of success…guess where the student pilot population would go?  You guessed it! Read More

Building a better airplane – will it stimulate demand?

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What we have in a modern piston driven airplane, is an old design that has been used to add new technologies in avionics to create a reason to purchase a newer airplane Vs. a used one.  Other than that, the single engine and light twin airplane is just a re-hash of something designed from the 1940’s for the most part, with the Cirrus being the exception…and look at how well they have done with a simple fixed gear airframe.  Most people in this industry are facing some serious challenges, especially with aircraft sales almost non-existent, while certificated pilots becomming fewer and fewer all the time.  Would a new product in the single engine category reverse this current trend, and what type of innovation is it going to take? Read More

General Aviation could thrive again with this approach!

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The answer to re-energizing single and multi-engine piston airplanes, and is one of the leading problems facing the demise of this segment, has been not having any significant  development and advancement toward in technology and manufacturing of these airplanes.  Its hard to sell excitement and reasons to buy a new airplane, and that is why the industry doesn’t have very much future growth to it as it is.  Trying to sell 1976 Ford Granada at modern day prices compared to the 2012 Ford Fusion…lets take this example and see how we feel about the parallel distinction of these two industries.  Would you buy a new Ford Granada that uses a carbuerated engine, produces a lot less horsepower while getting much less fuel economy than the new Fusion does. The Ford Granada doesn’t come equipped with ABS brakes, air-bags, nor has the reliability that the new Ford Fusion does.  And how about style? Yet we are asking the same price retail price for each???? What the XXXX:##***%%%$$%$ is going on here! Read More

Airports and Aviation Business – some key points to think about.

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I have known Rod Beck for almost two years now, and we share a lot of common goals and that is to get aviation growing and expanding through good business management.  Since getting to know Rod, he has a certain wisdom and business experience that separates the fakers from the makers…and there are a lot of fakers out there in aviation land boys and girls!  So when he came up with the considerations about operating a FBO, flight school, or any other entity that is on leased land called the airport, there are a few significant details that most consider as a give me. Read More

Operating a profitable flight school – can you see the forest through the trees?

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It seems that there are a lot of pilots who learn how to fly, and because of their experience in the flight training course, think that operating a flight school is easy.  There seems to be a reason for that, one is the religion is easy to attach oneself too…in other words, the flying aspect is so exciting, we can’t figure out why there aren’t hundreds of people waiting in line to experience learning how to fly.  The other reason, is that we believe that owning and operating a flight school is so profitable, just look at the pricing for an hour of rental and you just know there is money in the business.  But…remember the word “but” is a disassociation with everything just said, and that none of this is true.  Why is that? Read More