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The aviation flight school – can it be a profitable business?

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Currently Rod and I are working on a project with a flight school, with the objective of maximizing the overall profitability of the school.  It becomes obvious early in the information gathering stage, that there are opportunities that need to be identified, that will lead the school to a much more profitable venture.  Keep in mind, the flight school business alone is a tough way of making a solid living, but putting it all together, the opportunity exists if we start learning how a business operates.  Although the flight school in reference has talented people with skill and are very intelligent, the fact is that by hiring an aviation business development consultant, you can identify these opportunities and make bank while enjoying teaching people how to fly.   Read More

Sell your airplane fast – Why I don’t need a bat or a new golf club!

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Are you selling your airplane, or are you wanting to sell your airplane?  The truth of fact is that 90% of the single engine airplanes on today’s market, have been on the market for well over a year and they are still being offered for sale?  Is this what you want to experience?  Keep in mind, owning an airplane is more than owning a motorcycle, because you have outside expenses that cost money while the airplane is on the market.  Things like hanger rent, and keeping the airplane airworthy are essential, because selling an airplane out of annual means a much larger loss.  The answer to the question of how to sell your airplane quickly, is a word that would be a great Internet site, and that is  Find out why I don’t need a bat or new golf club by reading below! Read More

What Kelly Johnson taught me about aircraft design and development

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For those who don’t know who Clearance “Kelly” Johnson is, he was probably the most gifted engineer and project manager in the history of aviation.  He worked for Lockheed and was the design team manager for the “Skunk Works” projects, which included some of the most advanced airplanes being designed and built in that era, specifically the secret high altitude  U-2 spy plane, and the fastest airplane ever built, the SR-71.  There were very difficult engineering and design problems for many of the airplanes that Kelly Johnson was involved in development.  To this day I am fascinated by the solutions and engineering that went into the SR-71, from the materials used on the airframe, to the engines that needed to breath at the high Mach speeds of 3.2.  What is really impressive, was Kelly Johnson’s ability to tackle a project and get it done quick, which I believe was a major reason for the success of Lockheed Design.  This is where I believe General Aviation is missing it, time is critical and if I was looking for a project manager, I would find a Kelly Johnson! Read More

How is your airport sustaining itself – what a demand study means to airport development

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It seems that there are a lot of under-utilized airports out there, and quite often you will read a Request For Proposal from a government agency for an FBO.  This request is a method to invite proposals for operating an FBO on the airport, and is essentially a contract between the FBO and the “owners” of the airport to provide services to the airport.  Because during the initial airport study, which it usually called a feasibility study, all factors are taken into account…except will the airport develop to the point that a business can sustain itself on the airport?  Because there is usually 90% of airport funding from the federal government  often the city or county has to produce 5% – 10% of the development cost of an airport….but, is it money well spent?   Read More

What Albert Einstein taught me about aviation – Operating a flight school

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It is the year 2013, and as I read about predictions and forecast for the year, I had to think about Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity and time travel.  As I reviewed the physics of mass-energy equivalence, I was reminded about the laws of aviation, specifically the poster you probably have seen that makes the statement “Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.”  This applies to aviation more today than ever before, especially the aviation business of doing business, as it is very unforgiving and needs to be fine tuned.  Aviation business, more-so than any other business, requires a very focused and extremely professional approach to be successful, otherwise you will end up looking like the airplane that has crashed into the only tree that is in the picture frame. Read More