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Rebuilding general aviation – an exciting opportunity awaits in the aviation business!

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The title to this article was really to lead you in, because the search engine tags appear that everyone in aviation would like to find a new and exciting opportunity.  The reality and what the title to the article should really be is – Aviation and why SELLING is a dirty word!  It seems that aviation has this view of the airplane as “everyone wants one, just look at it and it will sell”, when the truth is, the industry is left with a very inept ability to sell anything.  Strong words but it is the truth behind what is driving this industry into the ground and I can prove it.  Without having a marketing approach, an incentive package, and sales techniques, you have market segments that should be growing leaps and bounds, yet the proof is the LSA segment is barely churning along with most industry experts scratching their heads.  The solution is easy, but it will take some thinking with emphasis on learning how to sell something! Read More

The challenges ahead for Beechcraft Corp. – A new beginning?

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As I read the current progress and direction for the bankruptcy of Hawker Beechcraft, I am hoping that the company can recover to its former glory as a leading general aviation manufacturer.  The timing for this re-organization is about as bad as it gets, as market demand for new airplanes remains weak while the company really was at a point of having products that needed a fresh approach to maintain competitiveness in the market place.  Although the current economic conditions in general aviation isn’t anything new, it seems to experience downturns like this, and eventually rebounds bigger and better than ever.  So what should be done to make Beechcraft Corp. a leading airplane manufacturer?  I think you will find their new focus to be right on target. Read More

The future of General Aviation – A must read for anyone who wants real answers

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General Aviation is at a difficult time, as the growth is non-existent with the reality being that it is in a serious contraction.  Although there are many reasons for this, mainly a slow economy along with less disposable income, the fact remains without a foundation for future pilots, this industry is going to have a long wait before any type of recovery.  This is not just an observation, this is a statement of fact that needs some attention.  To understand what the real problem is, you have to go back in the history of General Aviation to discover the problem is ownership/management of the flight schools, and this needs to be addressed ASAP! Read More