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How much does an Aviation Consultant cost?

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People often are often concerned with the cost of hiring an aviation consultant to come in and evaluate their business, whether it is for business development or the acquisition of the business.  For some, people don’t understand what a consultant really does with a majority of them thinking that all a consultant does is cost money to tell you what you already know anyway.  HOWEVER, in the aviation business that is a totally untrue statement, because aviation ISN’T an ordinary business, it is a business that is more niche and with limited demand,  and that is why many aviation business entities never make very much money.  Is it possible to make money in aviation?  Absolutely!  Then why don’t more people hire a consultant to build the business model that maximizes profitability and/or brings pure business practices into the realistic pricing of a business?  Please read on! Read More

What makes the King Air B200 such a great airplane?

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Usually I don’t start a topic with a photo, but since the airplane looks so good, I thought it was a requirement in this case.

A photo with my friend Jim Matthews and N222CY.

A photo with my friend Jim Matthews and the Super King Air B200.

The King Air has always been a favorite airplane for business use, and there are many reasons why.  For the most part, if you need an airplane that can carry a good payload in a 500 n.m radius, with your passengers enjoying top of the line comfort, while operating out of shorter runway requirements than ANY other jet on the market, then the King Air is what you are looking for. Read More

How are you computing your weight and balance?

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Here is a new one for me.  Presenting a product from a company that is developing applications for general aviation and adding something new to the aviation blog.  When getting familiar with an airplane, it is critical to load the airplane properly which usually is a series of typical load scenarios and computing that load to maximum gross take-off weight using fuel as the main variable.  As most light aircraft cannot load full fuel and fill the seats, it is imperative to make sure the airplane is not exceeding the airframe design limits for weight.  Even more important, is how this load is distributed so that the stability and controllability of the airplane is maintained, especially when you consider how adversely an aft C.G. affects recovery from a stall, and has a negative affect with multi-engine airplanes regarding controllability. Read More

Why are airplanes so expensive to own: How about some innovation please!

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The title should be more like, “why would you pay $20,000 for  a 1975 technology build Ford Maverick?”  Essentially that is what the current status of the single engine aircraft production is about…with the exception of avionics and a few other technical features, that is what the consumer is expected to buy.  And one wonders why general aviation sales continue to decline, when the reality is it needs a good kick in the ass with someone to put a realistic value proposition and a reason to buy an airplane.  Excitement with a new innovative product is what the single engine market needs at this time, as the purchaser of a new single engine airplane doesn’t have a lot of reasons to buy a new airplane, but if someone wanted to get serious about realizing the potential of the market, here are a few things to think about. Read More

Private pilot license Vs. Light Sport pilot license – what is the cost of learning to fly?

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The question is, “why has the light sport pilot license been such a failure?”, and the answer is “the flight schools don’t know how it benefits them!”  That being said, the light sport pilot license should be a huge success, and if it was understood and had real marketing attached, I don’t think the general aviation pilot community would be contracting at all.  Although the disappointment about the light sport category was that the airplanes would be $50,000 new, when in reality that price will never be available for a new airplane.  However, the light sport category offers some very unique positives, and if the flight schools would understand how to capitalize on this category, the pilot population would be experiencing a boom! Read More

General Aviation success is going to rely on identifying this market – once it does, GA will find its growth market again!

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As I watch the fragmented general aviation business scene continue to struggle, I wonder if the problem really is the fact that we have a leadership issue in the industry.  From a standpoint of a manufacturer who wants to develop a brand, and sell a product line while building long term relationships…well, it just isn’t happening that way is it?  Recently Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc.  furloughed some of its workforce, in a re-structuring move to reorganize its business because it had been using a lot of capital to develop and certify the D-Jet.  However, there is more of an underlying problem, one in which the LSA manufacturer has to come to grips with, as well as a lot of GA manufacturers who need to dig deeper into the underlying problem, and that is where are they getting the buyers for their new airplanes?  Read More