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The lure of the FAR part 141 flight school – is this the answer?

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There are flight schools that have been looking for ways to increase the profitability, realizing that there isn’t much new business (wonder why?) and start considering adding the FAR part 141 flight training certification to the flight training program.  I am not a big believer in most FAR 141 flight school programs, because if you look at MOST flight schools, maybe 10% are enrolled in this type of flight training.  For the larger flight schools with a large fleet of airplanes and are considered “ratings factories”, then you probably have a reason to go and add the FAR 141 flight training to your flight school.  Wonder why this is?  Keep reading. Read More

Double your flight school business in less than 30 days!

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The process in business is the easiest thing to change and can result in fast results in a short period of time.  To sum up the post right up front, you may be having the wrong person answering your inquiry to flight training and costing you a lot of business.  You want to believe that this is being handled correctly, but as a flight school operator, you should be tracking the number of calls, and setting an appropriate follow up to find out if the prospect had all their questions answered.  Just managing the prospect list and creating a sales method, most flight schools can double the amount of activity with student pilots in less than 30 days. Read More

The two secrets to selling an airplane fast!

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I recently received a call from an individual that was trying to sell his airplane, and wanted a candid opinion on why his airplane was still on the market.  My question back to him was “how candid would you like me to be”, because there are two secrets to selling an airplane quickly, you just have to tell yourself that it is alright to sell the airplane.  Sounds simple, but in many cases, an airplane owner has a certain attachment that goes beyond the emotion you feel when you sell your car.  At times, I think the idea of selling the airplane is a decision that makes sense, however once the emotion takes over, it becomes a question of not selling it too fast.   Read More

How the Airlines changed general aviation

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I was recently on YouTube watching several video’s of the Lockheed Super Constellation, which if you have ever seen one in flight, has to be one of the most beautiful airliners in flight.  As I was watching the video, I noted that every 1,300 hours the airplane was put into “heavy maintenance”, meaning a very thorough check including the tear down of all four engines.  The maintenance included the fabric replacement of a flight control, all radios and instruments were removed and put through a stringent test etc.  This inspection resulted in over 4,500 man hours and was completed in five working days…at least that is what the video said.  As I thought about the cost for each inspection, this would reflect that in the ticket price for airline travel, which was VERY expensive.  Bring on the jet age…which was a game-changer for sure! Read More

What does business have to do with Aviation?

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This has to be the million dollar question that very few seem to have an answer for.  When I run an analytics for this web site, the average daily hit total is quite high, but very few comments are left.  This leads me to believe one of two things.  Either the reader already has tried changing their business model/methods, OR, the belief is limited to aviation is not supposed to be a profitable endeavor.  I believe it is a combination of the two thoughts, because those that have been “outside aviation” seem to get it, while those on the “inside aviation” seem to not understand. Read More