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Why is aviation and flying so dependent on the economy?

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Aviation has always been a feast or famine type business, specifically the general aviation sector.  Due to the nature of the business, in that an airplane isn’t a NEED necessarily, but a want, it seems to fare well when the economy is doing great, but any hiccup usually leads to the business falling off dramatically. We can always look to the economy as the reason people don’t have as much disposable income, that would usually be spent on recreational flying.  Business slowdowns usually mean that corporate flying will also decline, because to justify an airplane the business needs to be in expansion mode and have a real need for the airplane.  But does it always have to be like this?  Read More

The importance of branding – Why differentiating your product is what it is all about

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What is branding in the marketing business, and why is it so important?  The answer is that by branding your product, people can relate and is a unique identity in the marketplace.  Harley Davidson is the  most successful company in branding their motorcycles, as everyone knows what the bikes are about (big American classic) and everyone wants one.  Why is this important in aviation today?  Because sales is about having that image and emotion to a product, that sets the product apart from the others in a way that goes beyond performance figures.  Get it? Read More