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General Aviation user fees – what is the real story behind this?

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Last week I had a meeting with the Senator from South Dakota, John Thune.  The subject was the $100 per leg user fee proposed by President Obama to close the gap between the cost of operating the FAA, and the amount of revenue being collected for this service.  There were about 15 other professional pilots in the group, as we talked to the Senator about what impact we thought the user fee would have on our operations.  One interesting note, was the introduction by the South Dakota pilots association director, who outlined the perceptions the general public has toward aviation.  You know, the public believes they are financing the rich people to use airports for their own pleasure, when in reality, the entire budget for airports, ATC, and any other government funded service, is paid for by the user and not the individual tax payer who has nothing to do with aviation! Read More

Why you need to attend Oshkosh Airventure every year!

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What a fantastic year for the annual Oshkosh Airventure show and aviation event!  For those who have never seen or been to Oshkosh WI for Airventure, it is an experience that I would recommend!  This year was my 17th trip to the annual event held every summer in late July early August, and every year I go, I return home with the conviction that I need to go again next year.  What makes it special?  There are 5 good reason to attend every year, so lets start with the count.  1) Every airplane you wanted to see is at Oshkosh. 2) Everyone that attends is courteous, and respectful of each other…this should maybe be #1. 3) The airshow is fantastic every year. 4) Being around aviation and airplanes at every direction you look, and seek. 5) The ambiance of grass roots aviation, families camping by the airplanes, and a great outdoor experience! Read More