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Airport Managment – Gate keeper or FBO business builder?

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For some time there has been a lot of the smaller airports around the country, finding that the revenues from the airport cannot sustain a profitable FBO or business.  For these smaller airports that believe the airport brings business and convenience to the townspeople, it is a conundrum on how to balance cost for the benefits of maintaining the airport.  The truth is, most of these smaller airports cannot support a flight school and FBO because there is not enough people and disposable income to make it happen.  But…the city needs to support the airport and offer fuel and services to the local population AND the transient or business traveler that is perhaps looking at developing business in that town.  What are the choices?  The answer if very easy to understand – Do you want a slow death to the airport, or put in place an opportunity for growth and long term development? Read More

The value of aviation marketing – what am I buying for the money?

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For the most part, the average flight school does very little marketing if any at all.  What is really disappointing is that many of the flight schools don’t even have a web page on the Internet, or else think social media is going to bring in the business.  I have news for you, social media isn’t the avenue for building a client base like you think, it is more of a fun social “who’s doing what” than it is bringing in new customers.  It seems to be the popular avenue to be on the social networks…because it is FREE!  What do we get for free?  What did you learn while growing up?  Nothing is really free!  Whereby a web site can actually generate new prospects and possibilities  especially when people use Google or Yahoo to search for you…and they can’t find you.  Whats up with that? Read More

Airports and aviation – how much demand is there for the product?

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Recently Rod Beck noted an airport in the Midwest looking for manager.  Looking at the demographics for the region, there wasn’t much that could be done to make the airport pay for itself.  There is a myth that the airport will always attract enough business, to be self sustaining, but often this isn’t the case.  Airports are funded by federal money, usually 90% is from the FAA, 5% is from the state, and 5% from the city that owns the airport.  For most cities, the airport is essential to opening up future business when the airlines don’t serve their market, with general aviation being the solution.  In addition to future business, in rural areas the airport serves an important function with lifeguard aircraft transporting patients to hospitals in critical cases.  But the truth is, the airport, once built, is going to cost money to maintain the FAA standards set forth in the agreement when the money is approved for construction or improvements.  That being said, it is important to know how much demand is available in the market place, to ensure an operator can be profitable and provide services to the general public.  Here is what Rod had to say. Read More

How flight schools are failing the avaition industry and keeping it down!

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Most flight schools are operating on a very thin margin, because the lack of marketing and sales knowledge, these flight schools are the #1 reason why general aviation is failing.  In the context of saying “aviation goes as the economy goes”, is simply an excuse to the incompetent operating of a flight school…most meet that criteria.  Harsh?  Yes.  True?  Absolutely!  While most other industries that are disposable income recreational types, they are doing very well at this point.  Boat sales, up huge!  Motorcycle sales, up huge!  None of these are cheap to own and maintain, yet boats and motorcycles ownership continues to be a strong market force, while general aviation flight training wonders around and wonders why there are fewer pilots???!!! Read More