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Aviation – Why is profit such a dirty word?

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It seems that when you are speaking aviation, the idea that someone might be in this to make money is such an evil thing.  I wonder why that is, being that the purpose of a business is to provide a product or a service at a price that has value to it.  This is especially true in the aviation business, as most other business entities, whether it is a photography studio, or a motorcycle dealer, the idea of a profitable operation is considered to be ok.  However, bringing this subject up with a room full of aviators, and you will have everyone wondering in the room what you are doing out at the airport for, and then question will be in their mind….whatever happened to the girlfriend you used to bring out to the airport, has she gone missing? Read More

The Cessna Skycatcher, Light Sport Pilots, and how the industry failed a good product!

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Recently, the CEO of Cessna Scott Ernest, made the remark that the Cessna Skycatcher has no future.  To many, this is a disappointment because the small piston engine segment needs any good news it can get.  Although piston deliveries were up approximately 16.1% through the 3rd quarter compared to 2012, the fact remains that this is less than five hundred airplanes will be delivered in 2013!  The truth is, piston powered airplanes are getting very expensive and the Light Sport Airplanes were developed to lower the acquisition cost of a modern airplane.  Although not a $50,000 per copy solution that we all would have liked to see, the cost of the Skycatcher is about half of what a new Cessna Skyhawk will sell for, yet the Skycatcher never sold in numbers expected.  Why was that?  Read on and you will discover the hidden secret that the industry needs to resolve..and it can be done! Read More

The answer to aviation business success – understand the law of supply and demand!

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I really have to hate to write this, but since this isn’t being taught in school anymore, it seems that understanding this concept is relevant and important.  More-so in aviation as anything else, not understanding demand is what usually has an aviation business go out of business!  It is a baffling conundrum about “start with a large fortune”…is THAT what you REALLY want to do to make a small fortune?  How wacked out is that?  Yeah, but I thought that since there was no flight school here, that starting one would be the way to millions?  Why didn’t it work before?  Continue reading please 🙂 Read More

General Aviation Airports and development – why small airports fail the test!

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There are many airports throughout the United States that have potential for aviation growth and profitability, but often never reach this status. Why is this?  After the city council tries different avenues to grow the airport and have an operational FBO, many cities find that it just isn’t feasible to offer a management solution at the cost of the taxpayers, when the return on the money doesn’t justify it.  But there is a solution, and that is taking a careful study of the demographics, and the type of management approach, it is the difference between growing an airport, or of one having a gate keeper show up and steal all your money! Read More

Successful marketing and sales for a profitable aviation business!

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The typical aviation start-up is essentially the formula of – Ready, Shoot, Aim!  Why is that?  I hear more about a flight school that is in the development phase, with not very much  thought or consideration on “where are we going to get the customer”?  The proper approach should be, who and how are we going to get customers to buy our products?  It is true in ANY business, we have a thought and consider our own experiences and we LOVE our product, but we never consider the HOW in the process.  This the most most important part of doing business, and the most often ignored…so lets look at marketing and sales BEFORE we get into the business of aviation! Read More