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General Aviation needs a game changer – would this airplane change the industry?

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I stopped by the local general aviation airport during the holidays, to observe how the business was going since a new owner had taken over the flight school and FBO.  When I arrived, the usual cadre of non-flyers wasn’t around, neither were any customers.  I understand, it is the holidays and people are busy getting together with family along with shopping, but it was sort of sad to see not much activity for such a nice afternoon.  When I was a young man and before everyone in the country was prosperous, I would stop at the airport and EVERYONE who had an airplane was using the airport as an excuse to get away from the relatives…so what happened in 30 years? Read More

Why do people buy a new $80,000 boat instead of learning how to fly?

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All too often I read in the online forums on general aviation, that the cost of flying is so high, that it is just too expensive for anyone to really afford it.  You can give me all the reasons why this is, like the economy isn’t doing very well, disposable income is the lowest in 45 years, and airplane parts cost so much, etc.  While all of these statistics are reality, the fact of the matter the industry has a sales and marketing problem! Read More

Why does the business of aviation hate the word – SALES?

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I recently had a conversation with my colleague regarding aviation business…why is there such a lack of sales focus?  Should we always approach aviation as such a unique industry with an attitude that either you want it or you don’t, and expect results?  That is what is happening, and the most compelling reason that aviation is experiencing a contraction in the number of pilots, student starts, and the overall value of general aviation aircraft.   Read More