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Why has General Aviation piston aircraft been on the decline?

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If you have been around General Aviation very long, you will see a lot of single engine piston airplanes available for sale, most of these were built in the mid 1970’s.  Production peaked in the late 1970’s for light piston twins, and single engine piston airplanes, with a total stop in production of new piston airplanes by Cessna in 1986.  Although they delivered the new generation Skyhawk in 1997, the price had soared significantly, but wasn’t the only factor in piston production airplanes.  Whether the industry wants to admit it or not, as an economist would say, in a market economy, substitutes will have an effect on the demand for certain products to a price point that shifts this demand for substitutes.  This is what has happened to a lot of piston engine aircraft demand as you will see. Read More

How the Skycatcher could have been sold – A primer on doing business for success.

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Looking at the Cessna Skycatcher as an out of production airplane, what went wrong for the Cessna brand…a total failure?  So what could have been done?  I think if Cessna understood where the problem was, they would have identified prime locations to implement a Cessna sales program designed to educate the business of selling flight training and the light sport pilots license. I can tell you with 100% certainty, that most flight schools have NO CONCEPT in how the Skycatcher could have made huge profits for them. To them, it was an expensive airplane compared to the current fleet so the answer was – no, we aren’t interested in the LSA at all! Read More

Airplanes and the recreational pilot

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Last weekend I went out to my airport where I had learned to fly 32 years ago.  I decided to stop in, just to see what the new Redbird simulator looked like, and how much utilization it had since they flight school recently purchased it.  As I was sniffing around the flight school, I saw some of the “gang” that hangs out at the airport, so I thought to myself, “how can I escape without being noticed”.  Why?  Because for the most part, not many of them talk about flying from a standpoint of having fun, but as to how expensive flying is.  I don’t like being a part of that crowd, because I actually like flying 🙂   Read More