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I have enjoyed every flight I have made as a pilot – what are my favorites?

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One of the most popular search engine terms for finding this site, it seems the post “I never met an airplane I didn’t like” is a very heavily read part of all the posts on this site.  The title of this post, I have enjoyed every flight I have made as a pilot, is because…I have always made it home safely 🙂  Quite honestly, with 10,000 hours of PIC time, you are going to have a few flights that challenged your coolness under pressure, but I remember so many enjoyable times that I thought I would share a few. Read More

Tailwinds in the Forecast – By Sage Teichert

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There are many people who are pilots, and they have business experience that as they read the various posts at, they understand the difficult aspects of aviation and realize that a business and profit motive is what is needed for general aviation to grow again.  To simply continue down the road with the same inputs and expecting a different result has to change.  A more professional organization and operation of a flight school goes a long way toward a successful customer base, more pilots, and more profitability.  Here we have a write up by Sage Teichert and his thoughts on general aviation and it’s future.  I hope he is right, that the tailwinds are in the forecast.  I am not this optimistic, because I think general aviation piston airplanes need a game changer brought to the table, but it is an interesting perspective.  Read More

The bad and the ugly truth why General Aviation cannot survive as it is!

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Ok all the wizards of smart out there, lets really figure out what is going on with general aviation business.  My contention is that General Aviation cannot survive if we keep doing business the way we have been doing it the last fifteen to twenty years.  Most people in the recreational aviation industry view the cost of flying as the #1 problem for growth…when in fact, the #1 reason is the flight school needs to incorporate true business principles.  Since this segment of the industry is so fragmented, there isn’t any leadership or guidelines for these small enterprises to find the winning formula for success.  Cost of flying isn’t the problem, as you will soon discover! Read More