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I was recently reading a publication talking about business and how to compete in today’s world.  The common theme of this article, was that companies seem to think being the lowest price leader in your market segment, is the only way to make money.  The article went on to prove that this was one of the sure ways to hate your business, hate going to work, and hate the fact you even got into this business…and why is that?  Because without doing any marketing and sales approaches, you have nothing that differentiates yourself from anyone else, so the only reason people are going to do business with you is on price?  Does this sound like your typical flight school?  My question is, if you can make more money, have better and happier clients, AND be in aviation, why wouldn’t you want to develop your operation to this approach? Read More

Selling piston engine airplanes is easy, here is how I sold a 1977 Beechcraft Bonanza in less than two weeks!

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I recently sold a 1977 Beechcraft A36 for a friend who had owned the airplane for approximately 10 years.  The airplane had been purchased because he had owned a 1969 V35 for many years, and enjoyed the Bonanaza for many years and wanted to own another one.  Unfortunately, he purchased at the top of the market for piston singles AND the airplane he purchased wasn’t what I would call one of the better airplanes available.  Why did he purchase this airplane?  Because it was on the same field that he was based on, so for him he knew the history and it didn’t cost a lot of money  to go out searching for another airplane.  After years of not flying the airplane, the owner decided it was time to sell, but we did not have any luck and therefore, the airplane sat another three years.  My advice back then…take the offer and run.  Find out why this works a majority of the time, and why you need to consider it when selling your airplane. Read More