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Why is flying so expensive – is it because it always has been?

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As someone who has been around aviation most of my life, I have always known flying and aircraft ownership to be an expensive hobby and/or experience.  Knowing the fuel was a more highly refined product, and that safety and a higher level of maintenance were intertwined, I always accepted the fact that airplanes were expensive to operate.  Owning other vehicles over the years, specifically a lot of motorcycles, I have learned that a Harley Davidson touring bike will set you back approximately $27,000.  When I consider a nice condition Cessna 150 w/panel mount GPS that carries two people, nice paint and interior will cost less than the purchase price of the new Harley.  I wonder where the disconnect takes place?  I think in aviation, we have a problem of accepting the fact that airplanes are rare, and exceptional people are the ones who own and fly these machines.  Lets face it, less than 1 person per 1,500 people know how to fly an airplane.   Read More

What general aviation needs more of – Marketing and Sales professionals!

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I recently was in a meeting with the Internet director, and we started talking about the frustration he was experiencing with the programming team and rolling out new products.  It was a never ending battle, as the concept of the new release of the software, the programmers continued to look at the problem of writing the code, and were resisting the progress it takes to keep upping the ante.  After we discussed the different approach to the technical people Vs. the sales and marketing side, I realized that aviation has this conundrum and is why general aviation is leaving opportunity and aviation growth on the table.  You have to see the market as an opportunity, not as a technical challenge. Aviation is a precision industry of technical matters, and that is why the technical thinkers are attracted to the industry, and are basically running the industry.  The sales and marketing professionals are frustrated and want to blow the industry away, but keep getting the thumbs down, because to a technical person…they don’t understand how sales and marketing works, and that is why the real talent needed are working in other industries…and making a fortune! Read More