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Is General Aviation business completely backwards? Here are some changes that need to made for this industry to survive!

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Reading the latest AvWeb news (, I noted a discussion about the pilot-less airplanes that will be in our future.  I am hoping it never comes to that, but as I kept reading the comments, there became a discussion about how much engineering talent has to do with the health of general aviation.  While I wholeheartedly agree that engineering is a strong focus in aviation, it also is a reason that aviation and specifically the light aircraft division, is why nothing is moving forward.  Although I would agree that certification standards, liability concerns, availability of aviation fuels is the strongest reason for the decline in general aviation, I believe we approach the business completely backwards from a normal business!  We need to focus more on consumer demand for the product style – THEN provide the product to satisfy that demand, not the other way around. Read More