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Making money in aviation is like shooting fish in a barrel!

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Recently I was going over some sales training techniques with a very popular sales training coach, and he made an interesting observation. He has been very successful in his career, as he was flat broke when he went to work in a car dealership, 17 months later he owned the car dealership he had gone to work at.  His observation was that a car dealership would be having problems selling, and he would go through some of the services he offered and what he could do to put on the gas! What had him scratching his head, was that the owner had a problem, but was unwilling to pay any money to fix the problem!  The cost was $1,500 per month, while teh revenue increase was ten times that, and yet, it wasn’t worth the money?  Seems like aviation has that same mentality…hey, we aren’t that profitable, what can we do?  You may as well close the doors now if you aren’t willing to learn how to create more business, grow your business, and make a lot of money, which is entirely possible…even in aviation! Read More