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Starting a Flight School? – 5 Absolute things you need to be successful!

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FINALLY, I see someone in the industry taking an approach to fix the problem that is hindering general aviation progress and growth.  For too long, we have been looking at external factors, such as the price of fuel, cost of insurance, price of airplanes, etc. as the reasons for general aviation declining in popularity and use.  The reality is that there is not a business approach to the flight school, and what a flight school represents for the industry to grow.  Recently there was an article titled “Take it to the Bank” by Jamie Beckett of General Aviation News.  This is reality folks, not some playground thought as to what is happening in General Aviation.  I ask the people at EAA, GAMA, the LSA group, and/or anyone involved in aircraft production, to read this post and realize what is going on with your flight schools.

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