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5 tips for selling your airplane – how to get the most money and sell your airplane FAST!

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I have sold many airplanes over time, and I have found it really isn’t difficult.  One of the problems with selling an airplane, is how long they take to move on the market.  Aged inventory is the sin in the automotive business, and I believe in the airplane inventory business, it is twice as costly to hold then sell.  Although an airplane is a rare piece of equipment, there are 5 simple tricks you can do to get ALL the money on your airplane AND sell it quickly! Read More

General Aviation Business….what is the plan? How about – Show me the money!

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So I have been reading some interesting perspectives about the health of general aviation, specifically the light plane industry, and I have to think it isn’t pretty.  Most journalist that have always been oblivious to the reality of general aviation, are seemingly putting more thought in – what do we need to do to stop the decline of pilots, and why aren’t more Light Sport Aircraft selling?  From my perspective, the question is WHY hasn’t this been the #1 topic of conversation from a REALITY position?  It seems everyone in the industry loves airplanes, why doesn’t the other 299,000,000 people in the United States care?  It is because Aviation has an intoxicating emotion to those who have discovered it, while the rest of the world seems to be quite content spending money on all forms of recreational activities.  How do we change this perspective? Read More