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Making money selling airplane – if you love airplanes, here are five keys to success!

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Last week I stopped in for a business trip to an FBO, and after putting the fuel order in on the King Air, I noted on the bulletin board about 12 to 15 airplanes that were for sale.  As I was paying attention to the board, seeing how the prices of airplanes are CHEAP, I was approached by the airplane salesman who wanted to ask me if I had any questions.  My only question was – how are sales going?  To which the reply was – oh, they are going OK.  My next question to him was, how long have you had these airplanes for sale?  The answer was that most have been for sale at least six months to a year.  I asked the question “have you ever worked in a car dealership before?”  The answer was – of course not, I am the smart pilot type who knows all about airplanes!  I then asked why the only way he is selling an airplane, is to offer a whorehouse price just to sell the airplane?  I know the sin in the automotive world is aged inventory, so what gives on the aviation side?  Wouldn’t you rather keep busy moving airplanes, making money on each one, and enjoying a much higher profit?  To which the reply was – well how do you do that?  Stand by my friends, here are five things the airplane sales industry needs to figure out! Read More