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General Aviation is VERY undersold – understand why it takes money to make money!

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Lets try to figure out general aviation, and understand why it is such an undersold part of the aviation business side and why aviation ONLY flourishes when the economy is going great guns!  Lets get serious here industry leaders like AOPA – Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the NBAA – National Business Aircraft Association, and GAMA or General Aviation Manufacturers Association.  The problem with aviation, is we are all in love with it, and think in terms of the technical aspects as the primary desire of most users of the smaller aircraft and business aircraft.  This assumption is absolutely wrong in my opinion, as there is NOT enough talent and professional sales orientation about moving the product (an airplane)  for all the benefits of ownership and how to make the money actually work!  Your deal is done…but we don’t know how to do the deal! Read More