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Aviation is a sales business – why not increase sales 400% when you have the opportunity?

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Last month I was in Oshkosh for the 2015 Airventure fly-in and airshow.  The weather was absolutely perfect, with low humidity, temperatures in the low 80’s, and no rain or thunderstorms forecast during the convention.  As I walked around the display tents, I found myself at the LSA kit built airplane area, and watched the vendors as people approached the airplane and asked questions.  The obvious question these people were asking, was performance of the airplane because that is what makes an airplane interesting.  What I find however, is that in most aviation sales programs, a total LACK of sales skills AND a sales process to actually sell the product!  It is no wonder why airplane sales are so slow, and I large part of the reason why is that we are technical people, and don’t stop and figure out how to actually sell the product for what it is about. Read More