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Airplanes – for business or pleasure?

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Want to understand the general aviation piston engine airplane conundrum?  Here is a feature article by Rod Beck with the approach of practicality and reality as to achieving success in just about ANY facet of general aviation.  The reality gets down to one major factor in the market, and that is demand for the product.  In aviation this often is the last thing considered in an airplane design, or the idea of starting a flight school, when it should be the #1 consideration for pursuing your aviation dreams.  The analogy of the big bands to GA light airplanes is right on the money!  So if you are confused by why everyone says “want to make a small fortune in aviation, start with a large fortune!” then get your pen out and take some notes, I think you will discover a lot of missteps that aviation seems to want to continue to repeat over and over. Read More

Five serious problems in General Aviation – why aviation doesn’t have a profit motive?

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There are five key areas that aviation needs to start focusing on to make it a more significant player in the market.  I know it sounds fundamentally simple, but quite often the profit motive is something that is the last thing to consider, or is it just not knowing the market?  Recently I was talking to Rod Beck about why so many failures in aviation, and Rod quite simply stated that most of these people get into aviation without a profit motive!  I can attest to that in some cases, but for aviation, specifically piston aviation to survive, it needs to get down to the fundamental principles of making a profit which in turn, leads to growth and expansion.  Profit motive provides the incentive for a business to provide a superior experience or service to the customer, for what the customer is willing to pay.  Seems like a flight school with a 78% drop out rate isn’t getting the equation, which is the proof Rod knows what he is talking about! Read More