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A five time speed record holding airplane that was never built – part 5, the last of the series

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There are very few airplanes that don’t make it into the marketplace if they are an exceptional performing airplane.  The last airplane we will analyze in this series, is an airplane that when it was first one to be built, set five speed records in the first two years of it’s existence.  It is an airplane that not only had exceptional performance, but was in the hottest category of piston aviation at the time, and that was the six place high performance category.  At the time, Beechcraft was turning out Bonanza A36 Bonanza and the V35B, Piper was building the Piper Lance II, while Cessna was selling the Cessna T210.  They called them “King Kong Singles” because they all featured the largest piston engines at the time, they had six seat with the exception of the V-tail Bonanza, and had performance that was very close to most of the light twins of the day. You won’t believe the performance of the airplane we are going to examine, and it is a real head scratcher as to why this airplane isn’t currently in production, but we will try to discover why! Read More