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So you want to start your own airplane company – a few thoughts

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Will general aviation ever see another upstart aircraft manufacturer, or is building and certifying a new airplane just too complex for reality?  It used to be easier to certify a new airplane design, which brought about many new designs and choices into the single and multi-engine piston market. Some of these include the Wing Derringer two place twin engine airplane, the Mooney M-22 Mustang, the first piston single airplane that was pressurized, and as another example, the Grumman American single engine airplane line, that was actually quite successful.  Since the mid 1980’s, there have been several attempts to bring a new airplane to the market, such as the Adams 500 centerline thrust twin, the Eclipse 500, with design attempts to certify single engine jets like the VisionAir Vantage jet.  Each one of these design prospects brought an interesting design element, however, none of them sold very well.  Lets look at two successful designs, and find the elements that make an aviation manufacturer a possibility for long term viability. Read More