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Selling new airplanes – maybe we need a better business model

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The price of a new airplane is very expensive, seemingly getting more and more out of reach as volume stays consistent.  Airplanes have always been expensive, they are hand built and the market is relatively small, so to stay in business, you have to price the product to cover expenses and to make a profit.  I get that!  However, what I have noticed about most aviation manufacturers, is that they simply want to sell you a new airplane…if you show up with the dough to buy one.  Some manufacturers will discount the airplane as an enticement, but that can only take you so far in the road to the sale.  What is severely lacking in this industry, is an aggressive sales approach to double the unit sales AND to sell as many airplanes as possible.  It seems the industry takes the stance that “this is aviation” therefore this is the way we do things.  I 100% believe that is why the manufacturers are declining in new production airplanes AND they are not maximizing their potential! Read More