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The business cycle and general aviation

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How is the economy?  There are so many sources available, each putting more weight on one category over the other.  Nonetheless, as far as general aviation aircraft deliveries go, according to GAMA figures it was down approximately 4.5% in the first half of the year.  Most of these deliveries involved the larger global fleet that has satisfied demand for growth in the world…needing to get places that are flights of long distance.  Now that demand has slowed for the global jet market, what is the future for general aviation in the next 18 months?  We can look at recreational flying and conclude that it will be relatively flat, which is a good news/bad news scenario, but the real big number I want to focus on is this –  Corporate spending on equipment, structures and intellectual property decreased an annualized 2.2% after a 3.4% fall in the first quarter.  How does this affect general aviation? Read more to find out how business use of the airplane is what drives this industry. Read More