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General Aviation Forecast 2017

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With the election over, it is time to take a look at what the new administration is going to set for the business of general aviation.  Typically I won’t spend time on something like this, but this new administration brings to the table a lot more business related experience, along with being successful at running a business – unlike a politician who, for the most part, doesn’t know how to run anything at all.  Am I a Trumpster?  I would have to admit that I like his approach as being an outsider, and I am not alone.  Whether you want to admit it or not, America voted for Donald Trump regardless of popular vote Vs. Electoral College numbers.  So what can we expect?  I think we are in for an economy that is going to grow at a pace not seen in many decades, which will benefit general aviation significantly.  Along with less regulation, the guy gets it, business needs to be able to use capital to bring new products to the market, so lets look at how this is going to work. Read More