Owning and operating a flight school can be the most challenging business in aviation.  Whether it is a flight school that caters toward the recreational pilot, or the flight school that operates a FAR 141 school for professional pilots, profitability can be tough.  That being said, with some proven marketing techniques and tools, a flight school can go from barely getting by, to a HIGHLY profitable entity! 

The opportunities for a profitable flight school are available,, 95% of the flight schools don’t use these tools, making your project easy to implement, with excellent and fast results.  The Internet is the #1 way people search for a flight school, with over 80% of these prospects spending seven hours or more researching their options, are you taking advantage of this?

The Internet is not an on-line brochure, but a way for you to identify someone wanting your product.  If your phone isn’t ringing all day with inquiries, or your e-mail request for information isn’t getting many inquiries, then you are a prime candidate for building your flight school into a dynamic and profitable business.  You will find that having a quality customer that is buying your product at retail prices, allows you to bring a better experience to the customer while you are making more money.

Sounds simple, but most flight schools don’t use marketing techniques that bring the customers to your doors, and with solutions that provide them with the quality they expect.  In the automotive world, this is science and it works so well, that aviation needs to capitalize on these methods.  To find out if you are sitting on a gold-mine and don’t even know it, please request more information.  I will provide real world answers that will deliver results…so what have you got to lose?  

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